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Shenzhen Beitai Display Technology Co., LTD. Logo Interpretation:
1. The logo consists of three parts: graphics, English and Chinese, which directly convey the company name information.
2. Our company is a high-tech enterprise, the touch screen industry is also known as the sunrise industry, the logo is blue as the standard color, blue shows a rational, calm, accurate image, in line with the characteristics of science and technology industry, sunrise industry, strong recognition.
3. The logo as a whole is the beginning letter B of "North Thai", which constitutes a strong three-dimensional space with strong visual impact and strengthens the identification of the logo.
4. The four arrows advance together, implicitly indicating the auspicious meaning of "hair", and also showing the shareholders and employees "aim at the four sides" and the spirit of unity; It is like an arrow off the string, fast and accurate, and like an anchor thrown, the goal is clear, more like the Indian headdress, full of wisdom, showing bravery, and fully condensed the company's rapid response to the market, enterprising, pioneering and innovative officer entrepreneurial spirit; And the four ascending arrow lines are progressive in a ladder shape, symbolizing the continued growth of the company's strength and efficient business strategy.
5. The logo has novel concept, lofty meaning, simple atmosphere, and a trend across the sky, indicating that the North Thai people are full of vigor, collaboration, innovation, and will jointly hold up the touch screen this promising and promising sunrise industry with unlimited potential!
Cultural purpose: unity, cooperation, positive, enterprising, innovation, hard work, win-win, cooperation.
Business philosophy: Create value for customers, provide opportunities for employees, increase wealth for shareholders, and assume responsibility for society.
Quality policy: survival by quality, development by innovation; Management for efficiency, service for credibility.
Environmental policy: Full participation, pollution prevention, waste saving, cleaner production, compliance with regulations, continuous improvement.
Social responsibility policy: Take social responsibility and create social value.
Brand policy: full participation, whole process control, grasp the future, to achieve continuous customer satisfaction.
Enterprise goal: Focus on touch screen research and development, design, shock the multimedia information industry.
Core competence: Market and technology are the source of enterprise power, just like the wings of a bird. The market is the object of all work and production services, is the basis of enterprise survival, and continuously expand the market is the center of our work; Technology is a strong guarantee for market development, around the market, fit the market, and strive to meet the needs of different customers.
Management mechanism: promote the realization of enterprise objectives in an organized and planned way, promote democracy, widely listen to opinions, pool wisdom, and ensure the scientific, accurate and feasible decisions.
Mission: Live forever, aim high, base on the present, grasp the future, continue to surpass more and more excellent quality to the country, to the world.
Talent concept: lean and efficient, quiet and imperfect, integrity and ability, dedication, willing to contribute, moral character as the base, ability for stone, hard work for wings.
Values: Customers and the company win-win, employees and the company grow together, resource sharing.
Company team: To create a high-quality, ambitious, creative management, technical team, fit the spirit of enterprise, into the cultural atmosphere, survival of the fittest, the idea of work.
Company activities: Employees are the owners of the enterprise, is the blood of the enterprise, caring for employees is equal to cherish the life of the enterprise, employees are the most valuable wealth of the enterprise, in order to thank the North Thai people are willing to contribute, the company will continue to give employees a broad career development space, outdoor activities, training, competitions, entertainment, parties and other activities.