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Management system policy


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Quality policy: follow the standards, technological innovation, continuous improvement, to provide customers around the world quality products and improve services.
Environmental Policy: Relying on technological innovation, producing green products, complying with environmental laws and regulations, preventing pollution and cherishing resources, we are committed to continuous improvement of the environment.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy: Complying with the requirements of laws and regulations, establishing a healthy and safe work environment, training and publicizing health and safety knowledge, continuously improving health and safety management, and preventing injuries and diseases.
Harmful Substances Policy: Human beings live on Earth, and the earth has only one. In order to protect human being's living environment - Earth, Shenzhen Beitai Display Technology Co., Ltd. formally declares that the related products produced by the Company are in compliance with SONY SS-00259, Japan AIS , EU ROHS, SVHC and related customer standards.
Labor policy: people-oriented, caring employees, customers and business partners, abide by relevant laws and regulations, care for the environment, social responsibility and continuous improvement.
Business Ethics Policy: We will comply with the highest ethical requirements to: Integrity, Prohibition of Corruption, Extortion and Misappropriation of Public Funds; Prohibition of Offering or Receiving Bribes; Dissemination of Information on Business Activities, Organizational Structure, Financial Condition and Performance; Respect And protect intellectual property rights; follow fair trade, legal competition and advertising; keep the identity of the informant confidential; and actively participate in various community activities.
Conflict Minerals Policy: North Thailand has shown its commitment to social responsibility, respect for human rights and continued attention to conflict minerals issues. It is committed to a thorough investigation into the supply chain to ensure that tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), gold Metals are not mined from mines controlled by armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries. Therefore, North Thailand shows that suppliers are expected to comply with the code of conduct for the electronics industry, purchasing raw materials from only suppliers that are environmentally and socially responsible.





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