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Shenzhen North Display Technology Co., Ltd. Logo Interpretation:
1, the logo consists of graphics, English, Chinese three parts, direct transmission of company name information.
2, Our company is a hi-tech enterprise, touch products industry is also known as the sunrise industry, the symbol of blue as the standard color, blue shows a rational, calm and accurate image, in line with science and technology industry, sunrise industry characteristics, identification Strong.
3, the overall logo is the beginning of the "Northern Thai" B, constitute a very strong three-dimensional space, visual impact and strengthen the logo's recognition.
4. The four arrows work together and concertedly to reveal the auspicious meaning of "fat". At the same time, it also shows the solidarity of all shareholders and employees in the "Quartet" , Like the thrown anchors, clear goals, more like Indian headdress, full of wisdom, demonstrated bravery, but also fully condensed out of the company to respond quickly to the market agile, progressive and pioneering innovation pioneering spirit; and four rising arrow Progressive ladder was a symbol of the continued strength of the company's growth and efficient business strategy.
5, the sign concept of novel, meaning lofty, simple atmosphere, there are transversal potential, indicates that the North Thai vibrant, full cooperation, pioneering and innovative, will jointly hold up the touch of the magnificent potential of the product, the potential of the sunrise industry!
Cultural Mission: unity, cooperation, positive, enterprising, innovative, hard work, win-win cooperation.
Business philosophy: Create value for customers, provide opportunities for employees, increase wealth for shareholders, and take responsibility for the society.
Quality: quality of survival, innovation and development; management for efficiency, service and credibility.
Environmental policy: full participation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, cleaner production, compliance with laws and regulations, and continuous improvement.
Brand policy: full participation, the whole process of control, grasp the future, to achieve sustained customer satisfaction.
Business goals: focus on touch screen research and development, design, shock multimedia information industry.
Core Competencies: Markets and technology are the source of business, like the wings of a bird. The market is the object of all work and production services and the basis for the survival of an enterprise. Continuing to expand the market is the center of our work. Technology is a powerful guarantee for market development. It focuses on the market, meets the needs of the market and meets the needs of different customers.
Management mechanism: Organized and planned projects to promote the realization of business goals, promote democracy, listen to opinions widely, brainstorming, to ensure scientific, accurate and feasible decision-making.
Mission: endless life, ambitious, based on the present, grasp the future, continue beyond the more and more superior quality to the country, to the world.
Talent concept: lean and efficient, Ningquewulan, both ability and political integrity, dedication, dedication, morality, ability to stone, hard-working.
Values: win-win customers and companies, employees and companies grow together, sharing of resources.
Company team: to create a high-quality, ambitious and creative management and technical team, fit the spirit of enterprise, into the cultural atmosphere, the survival of the fittest, things in the human work ideas.
Company Activities: Staff is the owner of the enterprise, is the blood of the enterprise, caring staff is equal to cherish the lives of enterprises, employees are the most valuable asset for the enterprise, for the Northern Thai people dedication, enterprises will continue to bring employees a broad career development space, carry out Outdoor activities, training, competitions, entertainment, parties and other activities.





Address: Guanlan Town, Longhua District, Shenzhen Keng Hang pit with rich industrial zone 15A