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Sales Manager:
Monthly income of more than ten thousand. Requirements: College degree or above, more than one year sales work experience, have a certain ability to develop customers, hard-working, have a proactive work attitude and good communication and coordination skills. Sales experience in LCD or touch screen industry is preferred
Interview and Work Address:
Shenzhen Longhua New District Guanlan Town Kukeng village with rich industrial zone North Tai Industrial Park
Bus route:
1, B861 bus (Guanlan Erxiao) get on ---- (Baosanhe Station) get off opposite to
2. Bus 627 (Guanlan No. 2 or Guanlan Bus Station) Get on ---- (Weizai Community Station) and get off to Guixiang Road East direction and walk about 500 meters to our company
3. Take Gaofeng Road 81 (Qinghu Subway Station), get on ---- (Weizai Community Station), get off and walk to Guixiang Road East for about 500 meters to our company
4, private car navigation destination: Shenzhen Beitai Display Technology Co., LTD
(15 A, Kukeng and Rich Industrial Zone, Sili Road, Bao 'an District)
Job Hotline: