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2009 Shenzhen photoelectric display week exhibition report
Time:2023-09-08 08:38:54

"2009 Shenzhen Optoelectronic Display Week" (hereinafter referred to as "CODE2009" or "Optoelectronic Week"), co-sponsored by the Department of Electronic Information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Department of Information Industry of Guangdong Province, the Shenzhen Bureau of Science and Technology and the Shenzhen Bureau of Development and Reform, will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from May 21 to 26, 2009. CODE2009, jointly organized by Shenzhen flat panel Display Industry Association and relevant government competent units, industry associations and well-known enterprises in the industry, takes "display" as the core. More than 300 domestic and foreign photoelectric display enterprises will focus on the display of flat FPD (flat panel) display, LED display, LCOS (reflective projection) display, laser display and other products and technologies, involving the industry chain and the industry chain in the related industry fields, surrounding fields. The exhibition will bring together the latest technology products and scientific research achievements of the photoelectric and flat panel display industry in today's world, so as to promote the exchange and cooperation of the photoelectric display industry chain, so as to enhance the exchange between China's photoelectric display industry, enterprises and international related fields. For the global optoelectronics and flat panel display industry manufacturers, channels, buyers and related scientific research institutions to establish a convenient bridge of friendship, benefit bridge. Although the "2009 Shenzhen Optoelectronic Display Week" has experienced the test of the financial crisis, with the strong support of the Ministry of Industry and the Shenzhen Municipal Government, under the active efforts of the organizers, the investment and recruitment of optoelectronic display week have made a leap forward. According to statistics, the total exhibition area of this year's Shenzhen Optoelectronic Display Week reached 15,000 square meters, an increase of 165% over last year. The products on display cover the current hot spots in the flat panel industry, such as green energy saving, thin and light TV, high generation production technology, cutting-edge displays, etc. This year's optoelectronic Display Week will bring together the world's leading optoelectronic technology and display technology, attracting well-known domestic and foreign optoelectronic display leading enterprises and multinational companies to participate in the exhibition, which can be said to be a gathering of famous enterprises. From consumer electronics, flat panel display, LED display and semiconductor lighting companies will all participate in the exhibition, has become the top photoelectric display products professional exhibition in China's photoelectric industry, and continue to get China's color TV giants such as TCL, Konka, Skyworth, Changhong and other old exhibitors continue to participate, and have expanded the booth area; There are also many new exhibitors from South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan, such as Samsung, TCL, Konka, Changhong, ULVAC, Tianma, Rainbow and other well-known enterprises. It is especially worth mentioning that Samsung participated in the domestic exhibition and display week for the first time, and the touch screen technology, as the latest computer input device in the world, will meet the audience in the industrial chain exhibition area for the first time in this photoelectric Week. The well-known enterprises participating in the touch screen industry chain exhibition area are Guangzhou Ili, Oufei Optoelectronics, North Tai Display, South Glass, New Jida, Industri Optoelectronics, Hangtai Optoelectronics, Haowei and so on. Speaking of the most active exhibitors in the photoelectric display week, when FPD equipment and purification/anti-static enterprises, the FPD equipment well-known enterprises are Shanghai Yande Instrument, two, United equipment, Easy Day, Fuheda, Zhenyu Da, Feixinda, Sanli equipment, etc.; Purification/anti-static enterprises are Sanhe Huixin, Coe standard, Baosen, Enci and so on. Shenzhen, as one of the five major bases of China's LED industry, LED output value accounts for about 60% of the market value of the domestic LED industry, is the most complete region of the domestic LED industry chain, the development of Shenzhen LED industry has been leading the development direction of China's LED industry. As an important part of the photoelectric week, the LED exhibition has become the first choice for domestic LED display and semiconductor lighting companies to participate in the promotion, and it is also the first choice for many dealers, channels, engineers and buyers to purchase LED products. This year's optoelectronic Week LED display and semiconductor lighting exhibition brought together a large number of well-known enterprises, there are national LED display leader Lampu, Lianchuangjian, Abison, Lehman, world-class LED device suppliers, Guo Ye Star, Ruituo, etc., as the national LED enterprise representative Fang Da, Jin Lixiang, Aotuo, Chip and so on all the exhibitors. With unique industrial advantages, "Shenzhen Optoelectronic Display Week" has formed a good reputation and extensive influence in the optoelectronic display industry, after the success of 2008, many professional buyers have gradually formed a consensus that the purchase of the latest optoelectronic display products must go to Optoelectronic week. At the same time, in order to let the world know about "Shenzhen Optoelectronic Display Week", CODE frequently visited the world's well-known optoelectronic display exhibitions, while the CODE organizers have also visited internationally renowned optoelectronic display industry organizations, industry associations and senior experts in the industry; It has increased the publicity of professional media, established stable cooperative relations with dozens of domestic and foreign mass and professional media, and irregularly sent relevant information and news to cooperative media according to the progress of the exhibition, so as to provide convenience for the audience to grasp the information of their concern in the first time; Set up a special buyer invitation team, and increase the investment of visitors and buyers at home and abroad; CODE a series of efforts to promote its popularity has been rapidly improved, according to incomplete statistics, this CODE professional buyers will reach 62150 people, an increase of 100% last year. During the "2009 Shenzhen Optoelectronic Display Week", in addition to the rich product display, the same period of industry summit and selection activities are also colorful. In order to maximize the benefits of exhibitors and professional visitors in the limited exhibition time, CODE launched a special forum with strong professionalism, great international influence and wide participation of the domestic photoelectric industry during the exhibition, to realize the docking of technology and business, promote the exchange and cooperation of the industry, and meet the deep needs of the market. This special forum will guide the development direction of the industry to a certain extent, and is a rare interactive platform between exhibitors, industry professionals and professional buyers. This year's photoelectric Display Week forum series will focus on the latest display technology, color TV industry development, LED display applications and other hot issues. These include "China and Foreign Panel display and color TV Industry CEO Summit", "2009 China LED Display Industry Summit Forum and Annual Selection and Award", "2009 National LED Display Application Information Technology Exchange Meeting", "2009 China Panel Display and high-definition TV Summit Forum" and so on. The Chinese and foreign panel display and color TV industry CEO Summit invited senior people from the government, global LCD panel manufacturers and color TV giants to discuss with a stronger lineup "How the global FPD industry can turn crisis into opportunity under the current economic situation", "How China's color TV can successfully transform", "How Shenzhen can build a complete industrial chain with high generation panel line as the leader" and other topics. To show the attendees the prospects and trends of China's flat panel display industry. The theme of this special forum is more clear, a number of hot spots are eye-catching, and a variety of new display technologies are emerging in an endless way, which has become the first choice for optoelectronic display enterprises to promote the latest product technology and promote brand image in China, including flat panel display enterprises including Samsung Electronics, AU Optronics, Sharp, TCL, etc. LED companies include Qingsong, Ruituo display, Zhongyuan display, United creation and, Lop, Henderson, Zhongqing Micro and other representatives from the policy, technology, market, application and other perspectives to talk about the development of optoelectronic display cutting-edge technology and the latest trend. The participation of large-scale international enterprises and experts attracted more than 500 visitors to enjoy the cutting-edge technology, and the number of listeners increased by an astonishing 100% over last year, further highlighting the advantages of the professional Forum of Optoelectronic Display Week, which has jumped to a new level in all aspects of forum organization and conference level. Although the Sino-foreign panel display and color TV industry CEO Summit was held for the first time, it attracted high attention from senior Chinese government officials. Director Xiao Hua and Deputy Inspector Bai Weimin of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Executive Vice Mayor Xu Qin of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, Deputy Secretary-General Yu Zhonghou, Director Liu Zhongpu and Deputy Director Lu Jian of Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology and Information Bureau, Director Chen Biao of Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, Deputy Director Wu You and other leaders will personally attend the relevant activities. All said that this conference provides an excellent display and exchange platform for domestic and foreign photoelectric display enterprises. In the "financial tsunami" swept the world, the fairly stable Chinese economy and market has become the world's most attractive "safe haven". "2009 Shenzhen Optoelectronic Display Week" for the industry enterprises and individuals to provide the best exchange platform for enterprises to "turn the crisis into a turning point," The common interest goal of "turning the corner into business opportunities" provides higher specifications and better services; It also attracts more professional exhibits and technologies to display, and a larger range and number of buyers and visitors to participate in the exhibition; In addition to the exhibition and forum activities, CODE2009 also organized the "2009 China photoelectric display industry series Awards" activity, through the exhibitors' self-recommendation and mutual recommendation, industry association recommendation, expert recommendation and other cross-type selection and CODE jury experts final assessment, A series of awards such as "industry leader", "Industry outstanding person", "excellent product", "innovative design" and "excellent display" will be evaluated, and all of this is worth the common expectation of the industry, eagerly looking forward to the arrival of "2009 Shenzhen Photoelectric Display Week"!