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The 2013 Spring Festival party of Beitai Company was successfully held
Time:2023-09-08 10:16:01

The 2013 Spring Festival party of Beitai Company was successfully concluded at Zhongbao International Hotel on January 26.

At the annual meeting, Mr. Xie delivered a New Year's speech and expressed his deepest gratitude to every employee for their hard work during the 12th anniversary of the establishment of Beitai Company. Mr. Cui made a summary report on the development status and future outlook of the whole company, and made clear the development direction of the company next year, which gave the whole team great confidence and encouragement.

The leaders and all staff to exchange aspirations, review the past, looking forward to the future; All this makes employees excited and looking forward to a better future. In the annual meeting, the company also commended and rewarded the outstanding employees who had outstanding performance and contribution in various work in 2012, and two representatives of excellent employees gave an award speech, setting a good example for the company's employees to learn.

After everyone gathered together for dinner, the show also kicked off in a festive, warm and joyful atmosphere. Colleagues from various departments brought different forms of dizzying performances, dance, singing, skits, sign language exercises, etc., and interspersed with exciting lucky draws, novel and unique interactive games and prize questions and answers. Everyone devoted themselves to them, presenting a grand entertainment feast. Company leaders and employees family interaction, exciting interactive games and "Gangnam style" dance, so that singing, applause, cheers have been ripening in the venue.

The dragon entered the sea to bid farewell to the old year, and the golden snake danced to welcome the New Year. In the face of 2013, we are full of longing and passion, there are better products waiting for us to develop, a larger market waiting for us to conquer, a more spectacular cause waiting for us to use wisdom and talent, let us together with confidence and courage, swagger forward, to write a more brilliant future!