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Warm congratulations to Beitai Display Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the TS certification
Time:2023-09-08 10:17:56

In order to improve the overall management level of the enterprise and meet customer requirements. In 2015, the company implemented the work of TS16949 and carried out third-party certification. On October 16, the senior auditor of the audit team visited the site, consulted the data, reviewed the document control, monitored the process, recorded verification, high-level visits and other modes. The operation of the TS16949 quality management system displayed by Beitai was comprehensively, carefully, multi-directional and deep-level inspection, and finally obtained the unanimous praise and recognition of the audit team through detailed information, convincing evidence and the conformity of the on-site inspection, and passed TS16949 in one fell swate: 2009 Quality management system certification audit, marking our production of touch products have entered the field of vehicle regulation.