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2019 Outstanding Employee Recognition Conference
Time:2023-09-08 10:21:53

On April 17, 2020, the 2019 Annual Outstanding Employees Commendation Conference was held in the training room on the third floor, and the company's general manager Liu Yujie and three vice presidents Fan Junqiang, Huang Xianmou and Wang Dongyue attended the conference.

This commendation conference is an affirmation and summary of the work of the company's employees in 2019, and a total of 9 excellent employees, 4 excellent production backbone, 3 excellent staff, 1 excellent supervisor and 1 excellent manager were selected. Company leaders awarded the certificate of honor and bonus, and took a group photo.

The outstanding employees who have been commended are the models of hard work, hard work and loyalty to their duties. I hope they can make continuous efforts and play a leading role in the future work; The majority of Beitai employees can take these excellent employees as an example, actively close to them, continuous progress, and create a better future together with the company!