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The 2020 annual operation meeting was successfully held
Time:2023-09-08 10:22:12

On January 16, 2020, the company held the 2020 annual operation meeting in Dongguan Tangxia Sanzheng Mid-Mountain Hotel, which was aimed at summarizing the achievements and shortcomings of the previous year's work of various departments and clarifying future development goals. Formulate the annual work plan.  Liu Yujie, general manager of the company, three deputy general managers and heads of departments attended the meeting.

The meeting first listened to the 2019 work summary and 2020 work plan of the three deputy general managers and heads of subordinate departments of the production system, technical system and auxiliary system, and the general manager Liu Yujie commented on the work of various departments of the company, analyzed the competitive advantages and disadvantages of the company's products and the external environment, and pointed out the competitive strategy and development goals for the future development of the company.