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Samsung developed screen pressure sensing fingerprint recognition technology and applied for a patent for fingerprint recognition under the screen
Time:2023-09-08 08:37:24

Beijing time on October 31 news, China touch screen network news, Samsung applied for a fingerprint recognition patent under the screen to be deployed to the mobile phone next year. In this year's iPhone X, Apple canceled fingerprint recognition, leaving only three-dimensional face recognition, which is actually a necessity for Apple, because the iPhone X's under-screen fingerprint recognition was canceled at the last minute. A few days ago, a disappointing news for Apple - Samsung Electronics, the old rival of smartphones, has applied for a patent in South Korea for fingerprint recognition under the screen, which may be ahead of Apple in technology.

According to Firstpost and other foreign technology media reports, Samsung Electronics recently filed an application for this patent technology in South Korea. Different from the under-screen fingerprint recognition developed by previous manufacturers, Samsung has developed a fingerprint recognition technology with screen pressure sensing.

Samsung Electronics has applied for a patent, but it is unclear how practical the technology will be. According to foreign media, Samsung Electronics is likely to implant an under-screen fingerprint recognition function in its high-end flagship mobile phone next year. It is said that this feature may be arranged near the location of the virtual Home button in the Samsung phone.

Samsung releases flagship phones twice a year in the spring and fall, the S-series and the large-screen Note series. According to a foreign media said that Samsung is more likely to introduce under-screen fingerprint recognition in the fall Note 9 phone, rather than the spring S9 phone, because the Samsung team still needs more time to perfect the technology.

Samsung Electronics is becoming more conservative when it comes to new technologies and features. In the fall of 2016, Samsung's Note 7 smartphones sold around the world suffered from spontaneous combustion of batteries, and the company recalled more than 3 million phones, causing an economic loss of $5.3 billion. In the summary after the event, Samsung Electronics executives believe that in the white-hot competition of smart phones, Samsung is in a hurry to launch new features and new configurations, and too aggressive plans have led to major problems in product quality.

In 2017, Samsung became quite conservative in terms of mobile phone innovation, among which the Note 8 mobile phone released in the autumn, and the S8 mobile phone, was criticized by the media and consumers, in terms of battery capacity, Samsung Electronics even did not increase.

Therefore, if Samsung delays the deployment of under-screen fingerprint recognition until next fall, it is reasonable.

According to foreign media reports, under the screen fingerprint recognition has become a global manufacturers competing to develop technology, because it is the best solution to retain fingerprint recognition while improving the screen proportion, in the S8 mobile phone at the beginning of this year, Samsung also planned to provide under the screen fingerprint recognition, but because the technology is immature, the fingerprint recognition module is finally set in the back of the phone.

In terms of biometrics, Samsung Electronics has carried out long-term research and development, leading in the industry, Samsung mobile phones have launched fingerprint recognition, eyeball iris recognition and plane face recognition, but iris recognition and face recognition have not been popular.

In the 10-year version of the mobile phone iPhone X, Apple has been hoping to introduce under-screen fingerprint recognition technology, but this function has been unstable, in the middle of this year, foreign authoritative media reported that Apple has simply canceled the under-screen fingerprint recognition, instead relying on three-dimensional face recognition.

Some analysts predict that in future mobile phones, Apple may only retain facial recognition.

Previously, the United States Qualcomm also developed a fingerprint recognition technology solution under the screen, and joint mobile phone manufacturers demonstrated, Qualcomm said that the screen fingerprint recognition will mature in 2018, with this feature of high screen proportion of mobile phones are expected to be listed in large numbers.

After the release of iPhone X, although the media expressed a high degree of attention to Apple's three-dimensional face recognition, many media and industry insiders still believe that fingerprint recognition is more efficient, and the fingerprint recognition combined with the screen is the best way to authenticate and unlock the user experience.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the flat face recognition system introduced by Samsung Electronics was fooled by a photo. It is unclear whether Samsung is developing 3D face recognition technology and dedicated sensors similar to the iPhone X internally.