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Four tier structure
Added decorative layer and supporting layer, can do embedded while increasing the overall strength, but the cost of materials and manufacturing costs are higher, is gradually replaced by CTP.
Two tier structure
The basic structure of resistance screen and the composition structure of its main functions are the most used structures in the industry at present.
Because of the working principle of resistance screen, "ITO carrier layer 1" is determined to be PET. "ITO Carrier Layer 2" PET or GLASS can be used, the conventional GLASS
Three-tier structure 1
Added decorative layer, the main advantage is that it can be embedded, made into a pure screen structure, the overall appearance of the machine is more beautiful. However, the operation surface has an additional layer of structure, and the touch effect and optical effect are poor. In addition, the embedded structure requires higher TP strength, and the strength weakness of the three-tier structure requires the improvement of the whole structure of the client.
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